Health, energy and vitality through natural vitamins, natural minerals, antioxidants, healthy foods, herbal supplements, and sound knowledge.
Household Cleaners
Super cleaners with natural ingredients, also non-toxic, and chemical free.

Laundry Care
All products are biodegradable, chemical free and natural.

All natural care for hair, sun, foot, hand, body and bath.
Healthy natural cosmetics, non-toxic nail polish, and skin care systems that mother nature created.
To find your… Heart Wellness Quotient.

Nature and Health in Harmony

"In a world where hazardous, toxic contaminants and pollution have created an unhealthy, cancer-causing environment, there are safe, natural alternatives and remedies that will restore wellness and provide a toxic-free, wholesome lifestyle."
During the past century, an enormous volume of lethal chemicals have been introduced into our lives in the products we use every day. Our penchant for clean homes, wonderful personal products and great cosmetics has been answered by corporate America with the best that their laboratories could produce. Their advertising assault bombards the public on a daily basis, subliminally reinforcing our "need" to use their products. The products work! Yes, and the large conglomerates that manufacture these products assure their continued sales through substantial advertising dollars that only they can afford.
Now, in the 21st century, we have easy-to-use, powerfully effective products and the cleanest homes, the freshest breath and the finest cosmetic enhancements imaginable...but, at what price? In our quest for efficient, faster and easier personal and home products, we have overlooked the health impact of the chemicals, toxins and additives that they contain. Unaware of the lethal nature of these products, we carry them into our homes — to our families and young children — so they, too, can potentially fall victim to the harmful poisons. We squirt them, spray them, rub them on and polish them off. We also inhale them, swallow them and absorb them through our skin. We are a country that has been - and continues to be — poisoned... from the newborn baby to the senior citizen.

There is a daily attack on our health. The impact is silent and it takes time, but the proof can be confirmed in the statistics.

BUT....there are healthy alternatives to the chemicals incorporated in these products. Natural alternatives. You can "CHOOSE" between wellness and toxicity for yourself and your family. It is the dedicated mission of AuNaturelle, to be "nature's messenger", delivering the information you need to make these informed choices.

If knowledge is power...AuNaturelle wants to be your personal trainer. If knowledge is contagious...AuNaturelle wants to infect you with TRUTH!

Our health is a valuable commodity. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver". Here's to your health! And to AuNaturelle bringing nature and health together — in harmony.

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