Health, energy and vitality through natural vitamins, natural minerals, antioxidants, healthy foods, herbal supplements, and sound knowledge.
Household Cleaners
Super cleaners with natural ingredients, also non-toxic, and chemical free.

Laundry Care
All products are biodegradable, chemical free and natural.

All natural care for hair, sun, foot, hand, body and bath.
Healthy natural cosmetics, non-toxic nail polish, and skin care systems that mother nature created.
To find your… Heart Wellness Quotient.

Non toxic. Green. Chemical free. Healthy. Natural. Heart healthy. Green living. Biodegradable. Environmentally safe. Non-toxic cleaners. Healthy natural cosmetics. Live a healthy, natural, non toxic lifestyle and maintain a healthy heart with this product!

Non toxic cleaning products? Healthy, natural cosmetics? Healthy heart tips?

These are called "product claims". How often have you read these claims on product labels or in ads and wondered just how true they really are? You rely on these claims, but you might be shocked to learn that these claims are actually untrue!

As consumers, our lives are continually bombarded with advertising and product assertions that are intended to sell chemically-enhanced, toxic products on the basis of performance. The cleaning products do clean. The cosmetics do work...but at what personal health costs? A study of actual contents of these products might reveal that they contain nearly all toxic ingredients, except perhaps the content listed as "water"!

Can you answer these questions?

  • What are the contents of your laundry detergent?
    (It could contain Sodium or Calcium Hypocrite or Sodium Tripolyphosphate that both cause burning and irritation to skin and eyes.)
  • Do you know what was in the lipstick you used this morning?
    (Could it contain BHA, a lipstick preservative, or Coal Tar Dyes, both known carcinogens?)
  • You cleaned the baby's crib with a lovely pine-scented antibacterial disinfectant. Is the residue harmful to the baby?
    Antibacterial products sometimes contain Triclosan which has been tied to liver disease.)
  • To maintain your healthy heart, you avoid foods containing saturated fats. Is that enough?
    (No. Trans fat, contained in margarines, commercial baked goods and prepared consumer foods and constituting 5 to 10% of the fat in American diets is extremely bad for heart health and IS NOT LISTED AS AN INGREDIENT ON FOOD LABELS!)

There are alternatives. You do have choices!

We, at AuNaturelle offer natural, "earth-friendly" solutions for maintaining your healthy lifestyle, based on the latest clinical research, data and documented findings. As a source for a truly healthy lifestyle, AuNaturelle will guide you in your search for healthful products that will deliver the optimum benefits while protecting the treasured good health of you, your family, and our environment.


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