Health, energy and vitality through natural vitamins, natural minerals, antioxidants, healthy foods, herbal supplements, and sound knowledge.
Household Cleaners
Super cleaners with natural ingredients, also non-toxic, and chemical free.

Laundry Care
All products are biodegradable, chemical free and natural.

All natural care for hair, sun, foot, hand, body and bath.
Healthy natural cosmetics, non-toxic nail polish, and skin care systems that mother nature created.
To find your… Heart Wellness Quotient.

Find Your Heart Wellness Quotient

Are you concerned about your current cardiovascular health?

Take this 2 minute quiz to evaluate your heart healthy lifestyle. Answer each question as accurately as possible and discover your heart wellness quotient!

1. Do you smoke?

Yes   No 

2. Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Yes   No 

3. Do you drink alcoholic drinks?

Yes   No 

Drinks Per Week:

  1-5  6-10   11 or more

  1-5  6-10   11 or more
4. What is your age range?

18-30     31-50     51-65     66-75     76 or over    

5. Are you overweight?

Yes   No 

Pounds Overweight:

 10 — 20 lbs.
 20 — 40 lbs.
 40+ lbs.

6. Do you exercise regularly?

Yes   No 

7. Have you been diagnosed with another health issue such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol?

Yes   No 

8. Have you previously been diagnosed with a heart problem?

Yes   No 

9. Has anyone in your immediate family (parents or siblings) had serious heart problems prior to age 60?

Parent  Yes   No 

Sibling  Yes   No 

10. Do you work in a "high-stress" job or feel your lifestyle is "stressful"?

Yes   No 

How did you do on the Heart Health Quiz?

Would you like to learn how to attain
your peak heart health?

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