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Super cleaners with natural ingredients, also non-toxic, and chemical free.

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All products are biodegradable, chemical free and natural.

All natural care for hair, sun, foot, hand, body and bath.
Healthy natural cosmetics, non-toxic nail polish, and skin care systems that mother nature created.
To find your… Heart Wellness Quotient.

Natural Alternatives

CHOICE: That which is selected — the best part.

Every choice involves a conscious selection from one — or more — alternatives. Every selection made is based on knowledge we have acquired in our lives up until that particular moment in time. Drawing on that knowledge in our decision-making, we rely on the fact that we are making the best choices for ourselves and our families.

Understanding that family life is essential to the core of human physical and emotional development, we know that choosing a lifestyle that will positively
impact the health of your family over time is of prime importance to you. Therefore, we have developed a forum to communicate vital data so that you may make the best "informed" choices for your family. Equipped with this knowledge, your ability to select a healthful environment for your family will be based on facts. We are convinced that the decisions you make will be the best.

We eat...we drink...we breathe...and we ingest the toxins that are in our food, our water and the air. We also absorb numerous environmental toxins through our skin — all to the detriment of our health. Products we use on a daily basis are causing alarming health issues for our families. We would like to offer some healthy alternatives.

Reference: The Cancer War Needs An Informed Public


As educated consumers, we choose products that promote softer skin, shiny hair and fresh breath. But, we suggest products that do this and so much more!
Soaps are usually purchased for their ability to cleanse and moisturize. For us, this isn't enough. We recommend products that can effectively cleanse while nourishing the skin and guarding against dryness through a robust use of natural botanicals and vitamins. By using beneficial antibacterials, these natural products eliminate 99.9% of the germs while still pampering, soothing and moisturizing your skin. This luxury bath, shower and moisturizing product line brings decadently restful spa treatment right into your home. For the men... a fantastic array of men's shaving products that are packed with aloe vera ensure safe, clean shaving and smooth, healthy skin.
Do your hair products, clean, condition and de-tangle? That is basic. The salon-tested and consumer-preferred products we recommend also provide vitamins and nutrients that promote luxuriously resilient hair and a healthy scalp. Through the use of panthenol to repair damage and B5 to lock in its natural moisture, even the most stressed hair becomes gloriously shiny and wickedly beautiful.

A regimen for clean, healthy teeth is vitally important. Our products move oral hygiene to the next plateau by delivering vitamins, amino acids and flavonoids, which are especially beneficial for the promotion of healthy gums. The entire product line, focused on healthy teeth and gums, addresses all issues of dental wellness that result in fresh breath and a beautiful, healthy smile. The added benefits are what make these products the choice of informed consumers today.


So many products are offered as vitamins, dietary supplements and energy boosters by manufacturers today. How can we analyze all the data and determine what products are best for our personal use?

Let us introduce you to what we consider a "lifestyle support system" — the ultimate product line of vitamins and minerals that are now available. Developed with no artificial fillers, these products include natural supplements that deliver 55 essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Two flagship vitamin products fill any gaps in your nutritional requirements. An additional support for enhanced absorption ensures that minerals will be effectively entered into the system at the cellular level to enjoy the full benefit of the lifestyle support system.
A powerful antioxidant is available that provides vitamins E, C and selenium for physical well-being and acts as a natural cell defense from "free radicals" which cause negative effects as we age. This endorsement is from a user who found this product line to be a wonderful natural answer to her supplemental vitamin needs:

"A terrible car accident had left me with neurological damage, and I was very sensitive to any toxins. In taking vitamins, I experienced a terrible reaction requiring hospitalization due to the "fillers" used by the manufacturers of the product. I learned about 'all natural' vitamins through your site, and I have now taken them regularly with no adverse side effects. I have full confidence in the purity of the products you have offered". FJ, riding instructor, Texas

What better way to address the health frustrations that we encounter daily than to have an all-natural product line to:

What better way to address the health frustrations that we encounter daily than to have an all-natural product line to:

  • maintain eye health,
  • boost our immune system,
  • decrease the pain associated with arthritic joints (while building healthy cartilage), and specifically,
  • target the health issues associated with menopause for women and prostate problems in men.

With this full complement of additional products specifically designed to aid a variety of physical needs and enhance one's quality of life, the answers to any and all health issues can be found in this one homogeneous product line.

Health Supplements

It's the end of a long day. You should be halfway through your evening run, but you can't seem to find the energy you need to get out of your chair! We have uncovered the secret to unlimited, balanced energy levels throughout the day.

Moving beyond the basic, yet essential, palate of supplemental vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we have seen tremendous benefits in using high protein, natural energy enhancers that deliver more power, promote burning of fat and limit muscle fatigue and stiffness after exercise. A product user was able to achieve optimum physical function through a defined training program and use of these energy
enhancement products...

"My friend is an athlete who loves to run and participates in competitive racing. While working with a personal trainer to improve his running time, he began taking the product you offer for energy, the vitamins for proper nutrition and the protein drink. His personal trainer could not believe the difference, and he asked my friend what he had done to accomplish such dramatic results. He immediately attributed it to the three products he had added from your offerings. Thank you!" BB, Human Resources Manager, New York

Packed with amino acids that your body requires, the products are low in carbohydrates, thus delivering muscle tone without adding fat. Use of these "energy boosters" will jumpstart your physical stamina and help you reach that level of performance you consider your "personal best".

Based on the efficacy of this product to increase energy and burn fat, an ancillary line of weight loss and management supplements has been developed. We are acutely aware of the health crisis that develops with obesity. These low calorie, low fat supplements include soy protein, vitamins and minerals — items that could be missing as food intake is cut back. Energy levels receive a needed punch with the additional vitamins and minerals so that any exercise regimen can be achieved without the customary "dietary fatigue". These effective and great tasting supplements round out any program of weight loss or weight maintenance that incorporates proper diet and nutritional management along with a sensibly designed personal exercise plan.

Reference: Obesity in America

We live in a society where heart disease is the leading cause of death. At last, there is a supplemental health product we vigorously endorse that targets the heart and cardio-vascular functions with an array of beneficial elements that work to inhibit cardiac damage and maintain healthy heart function. Through a proprietary formula, this multi-dimensional supplement has been developed with "vitamin like" compounds and flavinoids that work as protectants in the arteries. Flavinoids are natural substances found in vegetables and fruits, including grapes.
This is why, recently, red wine has been found to be beneficial for heart function. The salutary effect of this breakthrough supplement works in three separate ways to maintain and enhance heart and cardiovascular function:

Reduces LDL cholesterol oxidation thereby preventing arterial blockage and heart damage...

"Having been diagnosed with high cholesterol, my doctor prescribed Lipitor. I decided to try your product instead, and I have lowered my cholesterol over 50 points without changing my diet. With the side effects that some of these prescription drugs induce, I am happy and content to continue using your product to attain the same results." AZ, Sole Proprietor

- Similar in effect to taking an aspirin daily, it maintains healthy blood platelet activity to achieve optimum cardiac/circulatory health. One user describes the benefits of using this natural alternative to maintain optimum cardiovascular health:

"I had a long-term problem of recurring blood clots in my legs and was being treated with Lovinox and Coumidin. After a prolonged time on these medications, bleed time test results were 5 ½ minutes. A doctor friend recommended I try using your product to prevent blood clots while maintaining an acceptable bleed time. After using the product for six weeks, I am feeling much better, and my recent bleed time test results remained the same — 5 ½ minutes! The additional benefits of your product in preventing heart attack, stroke and lowering cholesterol are a great reassurance for me in maintaining good health and I save over $250 a month in prescription drug costs!" RW, General Contractor, Minnesota

- It is an effective anti-oxidant and prevents "free radicals" from damaging cells while maintaining the health of the arterial system.

Reference: American Heart Association

Before there were labs and "synthetic" drugs, our earthly environment provided a magnificent assortment of natural resources that were used in treating a variety of health issues. Our ancestors used roots, plants and natural derivatives of all types to cure sickness, heal wounds and sustain good health. If you can recall Grandma's remedies, you will remember that they were based on logic, good sense and the use of natural products — and they worked! These simple, natural cures have been overshadowed by "designer" drugs that can be found in every pharmacy.
Many of these pharmacy products are dangerous when used in conjunction with other drugs and many produce harmful side effects. (Have you ever read a drug insert sheet?) Although many pharmacy products work, why endanger your health with unnecessary side effects? Let's get back to basics!

We wholeheartedly endorse a line of products that returns to the natural use of our environment in effectively addressing various health issues today.

We have found and highly recommend an exceptionally effective product line for the treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites and skin irritations that utilizes the healing power of natural oils. With basic germ killing action, additional vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers, and the healing power that is intrinsically present in nature's products, first aid for the skin has achieved a new level of efficacy. Soothing relief is immediate and the healing is rapid.

Also rooted in the advocacy of healing through natural elements, the palate of therapeutic products includes items for the relief of:

  • Pain
  • Symptoms related to colds, allergies and sinus problems
  • Cough due to colds
  • Indigestion and excessive stomach acidity

Reference: Tea Tree Oil — The Benefits to Your Health

Is your home the "safe haven" you imagine it to be? Did you know that toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution? Also, every year there are 1.5 million accidental poisonings in the U.S. — the majority of victims are under 12 years of age.
Household products are available that are made of naturally-derived ingredients, that are effective, germ-killing cleaning agents and versatile enough to be used for a variety of tough household cleaning jobs. Are they more expensive — absolutely not! Do they work just as well? Here's a quote from a delighted user...

" I saw your recommendation for the household furniture cleaning product and thought I would give it the ultimate test. Although I had tried all different products over the years, I had never been able to remove the red magic marker scribble my son had done to my favorite wooden desk 28 years ago.

To my amazement, in the first application, it came off! My son was delighted to hear his "artwork" had been erased." SW, homemaker, Oklahoma

Your family deserves a clean home and a healthy environment in which to live!


Home Safe Home, Debra Lynn Dadd, Penguin Putnam, Inc., 1997

Finding a product offering that addresses a wide variety of skin care issues is not easy! After some investigation, we can honestly say we have found the most well-rounded, natural and healthful skin care line available today. These customized formulas encourage glowing, beautiful skin through a full spectrum of uniquely formulated... moisturizers, lotions, cleansers, toners, bath oils, sun defense products, acne care, wrinkle fighters and magnificently formulated cosmetics.
As we age, care of the skin, especially the face, takes on major importance. We welcome this new product line that has introduced a new generation of alpha—hydroxy's. This new discovery maintains the same skin enhancement properties as the prior generation of products but eliminates the irritation, redness and peeling of delicate skin associated with the alpha hydroxy products of old. This is certainly the product of choice today.

To prevent sun damage — a major cause of aged skin — the three-pronged protection offered delivers the vital essentials. A sun block and lip balm stop the harmful rays from affecting the face while the after sun lotion with hydrogel E moisturizes and nourishes the skin cells to maintain the youthful, glowing complexion you desire.

Teens plagued by stubborn acne will find a powerful product in this line for eradication of this problematic skin condition. With adult acne on the rise, this line is now appealing and working for a whole new group of users.

Luxurious bath products form the core of the body/skin care offerings. A soothing line of bath oils and moisture enhancers for the skin are elements that are crucial to maintaining the soft, touchable skin that you crave!

Finally, as the "crown jewel" of the product line, we recommend this elegant full line of cosmetics that enhance and glorify your beautiful face while maintaining that all- important natural element. You will be reassured that you will look exquisite while utilizing cosmetics with enriching emollients that nourish and maintain your youthful, glowing skin.


Drop Dead Gorgeous: Protecting Yourself from the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics

Kim Erickson, McGraw-Hill, 2002

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Our children trust us to keep them safe and healthy. It is with keen awareness of that vital role that we recommend "kid friendly" products that not only educate children about a healthy lifestyle, but also allow them to understand that health maintenance can be a positive, rewarding experience. Bath products are made for enjoyment as well as cleanliness, and toothpaste is effective and tastes like bubble gum! Our children learn that healthy living can be a lot of fun!

Reference: Keep Your Family Safe From Toxic Chemicals

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