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Questions/Answers & Understanding

Q: There are so many vitamins on the market that I am confused about which one to buy. What advice would you give as a basic set of standards to use when choosing the most effective vitamins available today?

A: There are a tremendous number of vitamin products available. You should determine your particular requirements based on your lifestyle, eating habits, age and other basic factors you may wish to consider. There are many sources for information about the value of each vitamin supplement and how it will benefit you personally. However, the issue of absorption of a vitamin into the body is more important than ingesting numerous vitamin pills. No matter how good any vitamin or health supplement, it will have no value if it is not absorbed into the body. Therefore, the most critical function of a vitamin product is to ensure that product's ability to be absorbed through your digestive system and into your body to deliver total efficacy. Unless it is absorbed, the product could be packed with vitamins that are useless. We endorse a spectacular line of vitamin products that actually increase the absorption rate to assure that, when they are taken, the vitamin supplements perform to absolute maximum efficiency.

An extra benefit of this pharmaceutical grade of vitamins is that they deliver anti-oxidants while increasing cellular strength and boosting cardiovascular health — a bonus that promotes your overall health beyond the scope of traditional vitamins.

Q: Recently I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor offered to prescribe one of the new cholesterol lowering drugs, but I am concerned about their side effects. He has given me the option of planning my own regimen to lower my cholesterol level, but I need some help in getting started. What would you suggest?

A: To begin with, the easiest way to start is to set up a personal diet plan that is low in fat and approved by your doctor to lower your cholesterol. Of vital importance is the inclusion of a great line of vitamins and health supplements that would cover all your nutritional needs and give you added vitality and stamina to maintain an active lifestyle. Finally, we must mention that we endorse a product that has actually been proven to lower oxidized cholesterol. Through a proprietary formula, this natural product supports normal blood flow by promoting healthy blood platelet activity and reducing free radical damage caused by the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Q: I have tried every type of diet imaginable and still battle weight gain on a daily basis. I exercise and watch my diet, but continue to see my weight fluctuate if I "splurge" just a little. My life seems to revolve around a few days of healthy eating, one day of splurge and a week of dieting to regain my original weight. What can I possibly do to stop this unhealthy cycle?

A: Yo-Yo dieting is not effective, and it is unhealthy! Maintaining a healthy weight is more than just calorie-counting. In order to regain control of weight, a lifestyle change has to be maintained that includes healthy eating, exercise and total wellness. In conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan, we recommend the inclusion of dietary supplements that are packed with nutrients and minerals that could be missing in a weight reduction diet or may be lost through strenuous "fat-burning" workouts. After reaching goal weight, we recommend a maintenance supplement that assists in avoiding calorie-rich foods that will sabotage your weight control program. The supplements increase your vitality with proteins and vitamins so energy remains high and exercise can be achieved at optimum cardiovascular levels. This assistance in maintaining your optimum weight will help you avoid the yo-yo dieting syndrome and allow you to keep your weight in check and your healthy lifestyle intact.

Q: My husband and I are expecting our first child this summer. I am very concerned about making our home as safe and non-toxic an environment as possible and need to know what products are available to replace the ones I currently use. I am most concerned about the household cleaners that I use because I understand the components of these products can be particularly toxic to children and babies. What would you recommend?

A: It is wise to eliminate the toxic household cleaners in your home to protect your baby from harm. The elements in these cleaners that can cause damage to a newborn's delicate central nervous system and overall health are well-documented. The sooner you can rid your home of these products the better. They could be affecting your baby in-utero (prior to birth) ...and don't forget about the impact on you and your husband! Why not do an inventory of every location in your home where you currently place any product for cleaning or disinfection? Check each label and refer to a list of toxic household products (one is referenced on the Au Naturelle website) for identification. Then substitute that product for a non-toxic alternative. We recommend a line of household products that are not harmful and work just as effectively as the cleaning agents you presently use. Actually, many of our endorsed products can be used for multiple cleaning projects and could prove to be a cost savings over the large variety of products you may currently have in your home.

Q: For years I have been a runner to benefit my cardiovascular health and overall wellness. I am starting to experience joint pain in my knees and stiffness after running. Is there any product that can relieve these problems and still allow me to continue my running workouts?

A: You should probably consult your doctor regarding the pain and stiffness you are experiencing. Joint cartilage can begin to break down early in life, especially if you embrace an active lifestyle. The joint inflammation from worn cartilage then produces pain. Speak to your doctor about using a prescribed non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug to ease the pain and swelling. If he gives you the green light to continue your exercise program, we endorse the use of a particularly effective dietary supplement that supports the body in preserving healthy joint cartilage and function. Additionally, the product also contains three powerful natural ingredients which inhibit free radicals and the damaging side effects they can have on joints.

Q: I am a 45-year old woman and have always led a healthy lifestyle, maintained my weight and exercised regularly. I find that I am feeling lethargic and have been experiencing bouts of uncontrolled sweating. My doctor has diagnosed it as "peri-menopause", and he says that these occurrences are normal at my age. Normal or not, it is not pleasant. Is there any way other than actual hormone therapy that I can minimize these problems?

A: Absolutely. We recommend using a supplement that has been developed to address just the issues of peri-menopause that you have outlined. This unique formula is based on natural plant estrogens that help maintain the normal function of the female body and assist in overall health and well being to get you through this changing time in your life!
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